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Those who thrive in the outdoors tend to have an enduring sense of responsibility towards preserving
nature. The Samarkand brand expresses its commitment to reducing social and environmental impact
by repurposing retired military parachutes into high quality military grade outdoor garments.

The foundations of our windproof jackets are built on a personal relationship with an independent
team of seamstresses operating in a safe and ethical working environment. We pay well above the 
industry standard to ensure the welfare of our staff so you can enjoy this product knowing we care 
about the conditions in which it was created.

Produced in limited quantities only, our seamstresses have worked diligently to ensure a high level of
attention to detail and personalisation for every jacket. Each garment is checked for quality by a member of our former Special Forces team. If cared for correctly, this jacket will insulate you in adverse weather conditions and serve you well for many years. The jacket can withstand extremely
strong winds without losing shape or integrity of function. This garment is intended to be worn as a
windproof outer layer and not as a waterproof. For optimum utility, wear over a long sleeved base 
layer, a wicking tee shirt or both.

The garment is highly adaptive and can also be worn beneath a warm jacket as a highly effective insulating layer. Soldiers accustomed to harsh field conditions have found wider utility by using the windproof as a warm sleeping aid, worn beneath an outer layer inside or outside of a sleeping bag. These garments have proven effective in all extreme environments, such as the jungle, desert and artic, as well as European climates and across a wide range of activities and disciplines. Outside of the military context, these garments have been embraced by the climbing, running and adventure racing communities, as well as alpinists and expedition teams.

Your jacket, unless a custom model, features a drawcord hood, a compass pocket with lanyard/whistle loop, front drop pockets and an internal stuff sack to the rear.

Samarkand Parasilk windproof jacket was handmade in San Diego, California from retired military parachutes of British or American origin.
These classic garments have been de rigueur for generations of airborne and Special Forces soldiers who have earned the right to wear the blue badge of courage or Sabre Squadron parachute wings.
Every strand of fabric has graced the skies and carries with it the mythical spirit of Pegasus and Belleraphon.
Your garment is a piece of history revived. Wear it with pride. Step out into the word and feel the wind on your back.

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